“Baseline was officially founded in 2005. I actually think it was founded way earlier, but the name and everything was put in to place in 05. I think I wanted it to be some sort of label for the creations of myself and my close friends.
We we’re rapping, writing lyrics and doing artwork every night in the late 90′s (nothing really changed basically) and we felt that we approached art and music from a whole other perspective then the current mainstream scene (nothing really changed basically). So we wanted to get our creations out there in some way…… Baseline was born.

Lorentz Alexander, Ivan Lagergren, Oskar Lowitz.
Ric Rose, Vittorio Grasso, Newkid, Dante, Daniel Alexander. Charlie Bernardo, Dubban, Victor Nb, Alexis, U.t.n.g, Stor, Mack, Beer&co. These are people that either is or have been deeply involved in building Baseline. The sounds, the visual appearance, everything. And of course a bunch of other fantastic people have been involved and inspired us as well.

In 2008 Jenny Maria helped us get our first album deal. Two years later she quit her dayjob at Sony and became a Baseline partner. Then came the awards, the platinum plaques and here we are….. More excited then ever!

True emotions, quit your dayjob, change the game, change the world, peace, love and understanding!”

/ Martin Sakarias, founder.


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